At Épron Quievy & Associés, our banking and finance law department is on hand to assist clients with both bank and other financing, whether their business is purely domestic or has an international reach. 

Within the field of banking, we provide legal and regulatory assistance not only to lenders and financial institutions but also to their customers, both individuals and businesses.

Our services to banks and financial institutions also encompass legal and regulatory assistance in relation to the loans they supply to French borrowers or to finance the acquisition of France located assets, in particular and regardless of the law applicable to the financing agreement, if French law governs the collaterals to be granted. 

In addition, we have extensive experience in suis generis external financing, in particular the financing of French political parties and election campaigns.

Thanks to their solid experience in the banking sector, our lawyers also advise French businesses on whether it would be judicious for them to use bank financing to fund growth, meet their working capital needs or access the funds required for external growth projects. We place a particular focus on analysing, explaining and negotiating the contractual clauses proposed by banks. 

The services we provide also include advising the clients of credit institutions when they are required to provide personal (ordinary or autonomous guarantees, letters of comfort) or tangible asset securities (inventory, finished goods or semi-finished goods as collateral, retention of title). We are involved in drafting pledge agreements and, where required, will put clients in contact with escrow agents (for pledges with dispossession) or agents handling pledges without dispossession. 

Any issues arising in the performance of these loan contracts are referred to the Litigation department, which is recognised for its significant experience in this field. 

We are also ideally placed to advise our clients intending to enter into financial contracts or negotiating marketable securities on the regulated markets and to analyse portfolio management contracts.

Besides this, our lawyers assist clients seeking to set up all types of non-banking financing: loans between business partners, intra-group loans and issuance of bonds of any kind types whether ordinary, convertible, redeemable for shares, redeemable for other securities, etc.  

Lastly, the banking and finance law department team can assist our clients in managing their financial instruments and supplying or receiving financial services. This team also works together with the corporate law team to offer a full service to clients planning stock market flotations and, once these are completed, to fulfil all the regulatory requirements incumbent on publicly funded companies. 

Latest news

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EQA participated to the “English Law Day” in Istanbul

EQA had the honor of participating in the English Law Day in Istanbul on April 16, 2024, an event bringing together legal professionals from around the world. During this event, Etienne Epron spoke on a panel dedicated to the Impact of sanctions on trade, transactions, contracts, and disputes. We wish to express our sincere gratitude… Continue reading EQA participated to the “English Law Day” in Istanbul

  • Assel Yegemberdiyeva

Margot De Almeida Lopes joins EQA

We are pleased to welcome Margot De Almeida Lopes as an associate in the M&A / Corporate Law & Tax departments. Margot holds a Master II in Internal and International Contract Law from the University of Paris-Saclay as well as a Master I in Business Law. We extend our best wishes for her success within… Continue reading Margot De Almeida Lopes joins EQA