At Épron Quievy & Associés, we are not only working with groups of companies, but also with the individuals who own and lead them.

This specific support extends to all areas of our practice, and in particular tax.

As regards the individual’s taxation, attorneys in our tax department work with an international clientele to clarify tax residence and determine the resulting full extent of obligations under both tax treaties and domestic law.

In this field, our attorneys assist clients with the completion of both their annual income tax declarations and their real estate wealth tax declarations (‘Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière – IFI’).

In addition, our firm advise individuals on inheritance anticipation and, in this respect, handles all the legal and tax issues related to the transfer of private and professional assets.

Over the last few years, the number of “sanctions” mechanisms against individuals – Syrian, Iranian, Venezuelan, Russian and Belarusian in particular – has risen sharply.

With an in-depth knowledge of European sanctions mechanisms, and in particular the European regulations (EU) 269/2014 and (EU) 833/2014, the firm is able to assist any individual wishing to challenge their designation on a sanctions list, either within the framework of an out-of-court procedure before the Council of the European Union or within the framework of a legal challenge before the General Court of European Union Court in Luxembourg (and, if necessary, before the Court of Justice of the European Union at the appeal stage).

In addition, Épron Quievy & Associés assists people on sanctions lists to comply with the filing obligations imposed by the European Union as well as to obtain the necessary authorisations to look after or dispose of their European assets, to travel for medical reasons or exercise their fundamental rights, and in particular the right to effective judicial protection.

Our practice in the field of sanctions extends to legal analyses of the scope of the restrictions enacted by European sanctions mechanisms and the production of legal opinions for the European partners of sanctioned individuals or entities.

Our firm also assists European partners of persons subject to European restrictive measures in structuring their activities in a manner that dissociate them from the sanctioned individuals or entities.

Lastly, this area of practice covers domestic proceedings to enable the non-sanctioned parties to a transaction to recover the assets blocked as an indirect result of sanctions, such as for example when a leasing contract is held with a bank under sanctions.

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