Most of our lawyers were trained in the M&A departments of some of the most prestigious international law firms.

  • Guiding company directors in their external growth strategies lies at the heart of our work at Épron Quievy & Associés.
  • Structuring and carrying out both domestic and cross-border transactions are tasks all our firm’s lawyers handle on a day-to-day basis.

They have more than fifteen years’ experience in this area, and a significant track record in handling deals of all sizes. They work in business sectors as varied as industry, defence, med-tech, bio-tech, digital services, insurance, architecture and agriculture.

In addition to particular expertise in contract law, company law, securities law and competition law, working in M&A demands legal knowledge spanning a variety of fields. Thanks to their work across a range of disciplines, our lawyers analyse the legal implications of these deals, focusing particularly closely on the control of foreign investments in France, accounting and tax.

The lawyers from our M&A department are involved in our clients’ acquisition processes from start to finish, covering letters of intent, preliminary contracts, negotiating the terms of the merger, due diligence (legal and tax), and drafting and executing the acquisition documents.

For sales, they also create a virtual data room and prepare the key points of the audit likely to be required for the Q&A.

Led by Étienne Épron, the lawyers in our M&A department have developed a unique approach to their work. They use mathematical models of deals to determine the tax consequences at the outset, prepare tracking tools listing all the corporate law documents to be produced and examine the options in terms of formalities and registrations.

The M&A department also assists businesses in raising capital through a wide range of avenues, by issuing securities which may be simple, such as standard shares or bonds, or more complex, such as preference shares, convertible bonds, share warrants, rapid investment agreement share purchase warrants, etc.

The lawyers from our M&A department are particularly skilled in structuring, modelling and executing deals in these situations.  They have solid experience not only in negotiating and writing investment protocols and shareholders’ pacts but also in designing mechanisms for the conversion or exchange of securities.

Having developed particular expertise in the taxation of cross-border deals, our M&A department offers clients unique skills and expertise in structuring complex operations.

Lastly, thanks to a network of partner firms in other countries and cross-functional teams brought together to work on joint projects, the firm has developed particular expertise in assisting clients in implementing cross-border deals, especially involving Italy, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and the Russian Federation.

Latest news

  • Étienne Épron

EQA participated to the “English Law Day” in Istanbul

EQA had the honor of participating in the English Law Day in Istanbul on April 16, 2024, an event bringing together legal professionals from around the world. During this event, Etienne Epron spoke on a panel dedicated to the Impact of sanctions on trade, transactions, contracts, and disputes. We wish to express our sincere gratitude… Continue reading EQA participated to the “English Law Day” in Istanbul

  • Assel Yegemberdiyeva

Margot De Almeida Lopes joins EQA

We are pleased to welcome Margot De Almeida Lopes as an associate in the M&A / Corporate Law & Tax departments. Margot holds a Master II in Internal and International Contract Law from the University of Paris-Saclay as well as a Master I in Business Law. We extend our best wishes for her success within… Continue reading Margot De Almeida Lopes joins EQA